Published information

As a publicly-owned body, we adhere to high standards of transparency and openness.

Here, we publish a range of information about the company, our investments and our impact. For more information about our practice regarding the publication of information please read the Disclosure Policy.

Corporate information
(updated annually)   

IATI data

Fund manager information
(information about the investment partners with whom we work - updated annually)

This document contains:

  • Names of all fund managers
  • Locations of fund managers
  • Fund managers’ website links
  • First-time fund managers

Fund information 
(information about the funds in which CDC capital is invested - updated quarterly)

This document contains:

  • Names of funds
  • CDC’s commitment to each fund
  • Whether other development finance institutions have invested in each fund
  • Legal domicile of each fund
  • Focus of each fund
  • Vintage of each fund

Direct investment information

Following recent reports regarding our investee company, Feronia, we have issued this statement

Direct investment information (Information about the businesses in which CDC capital is invested - updated quarterly)

This document contains:

  • Names of businesses
  • CDC’s investment commitment to each business
  • Outstanding commitment to each business 
  • Legal domicile of each business
  • Geographic focus of each business 

UNDERLYING Investee businesses information
(updated annually)

Click here to access a searchable database of CDC's investments.  

Country by country information 
(updated annually)

  • This document contains:
  • Value of CDC’s investment
  • Number of investee businesses
  • Sectors receiving investments
  • Numbers of employees in investee businesses
  • Taxes paid by investee businesses

Sector by sector information 
(updated annually)

  • This document contains:
  • Value of CDC’s investments in each sector
  • Number of investee businesses in each sector
  • Numbers of employees in each sector
  • Taxes paid by investee businesses in each sector

Fatal Incidents

We publish data on fatal incidents at investee businesses annually. These are reported to us by our fund managers. We work with our managers to ensure high standards of reporting and that work continues.

Freedom of Information Act

CDC aims to be as transparent as possible in providing information to the public. CDC is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 ("FOIA") and recognises its obligation to respond to legitimate questions from members of the public.

However, there are instances where CDC is unable to disclose information, because to do so would breach contractual and commercial confidentiality.

Information requests to which exemptions from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 apply may also be withheld.

Members of the public wishing to request information can contact the company using the contact details below: