Whistleblower Reports

CDC has a developed complaints handling process but recognises that not all matters of concern to the public may arise from a breach of our Code of Responsible Investing – it therefore welcomes whistleblower reports drawing to its attention failures in its own, a fund manager’s or a portfolio company's systems or procedures or examples of misconduct.

CDC's Policy on Whistleblowing is available here or on the policies page of this website.

Contacting us

Whistleblower reports can be made via our dedicated e mail address: whistleblower@cdcgroup.com.

CDC’s Director of Business Integrity and Compliance will conduct the investigation of any such reports and we will seek to progress them as quickly as possible. We will, so far as we are able, keep you informed of our investigations.  Once any investigation by CDC is concluded, you will be provided with a summary of the outcome, again in so far as we are permitted to by law and/or confidentiality obligations.

CDC’s Board will oversee the handling of all whistleblower reports that raise material issues.