Submit a proposal

CDC expects its investments to achieve results that are appropriate to the opportunities and risks in a given market.

Key Features

Among the features that CDC seeks in making a decision to commit to an investment are:

  • A credible thesis aimed at CDC’s preferred markets with appropriate development impact;
  • A strong management team that will apply high environmental and social standards and corporate governance; and
  • Prospective returns which are commensurate with the potential risk.

Equity investments

The CDC equity investments team typically looks to invest in established businesses with revenues of $10m+ and a track-record of profitability. CDC will consider start-ups or green-field projects only where there is a strong sponsor (individual or company) who will co-invest alongside CDC and has a strong track-record and delivery capability.

Focus sectors

CDC’s equity investments are focused on the following sectors:

  • Infrastructure (especially power)
  • Manufacturing
  • Health
  • Education
  • Food-processing
  • Construction

Nevertheless, CDC is a generalist investor and will look at any sector where we believe there is a development impact i.e. job creation potential, either directly or indirectly.

Investment size

CDC’s preferred investment size is US$10m-US$100m (potentially more for  infrastructure) and we typically provide growth capital to fund the expansion of businesses rather than replacement capital to buy-out existing shareholders.


If you would like to submit an equity investment proposal to CDC please prepare a short, concise presentation, including:

  • an overview of the company, its history and growth plans;
  • historic financial performance for the company;
  • the quantum of capital you wish to raise and what this capital will be allocated towards; and
  • a brief summary of key promoters and/or senior executives.

All proposals should be sent to Please note that CDC will assess proposals according to our investment criteria and will not enter into correspondence regarding our internal investment decisions.