Financial returns and investment selection

CDC expects its investments to achieve results that are appropriate to the opportunities and risks in the relevant market and each specific investment. We undertake rigourous yet, rapid and non-bureaucratic due diligence processes designed to add value to businesses and fund managers as well as lead to our own decisions.

Some of the key features that CDC seeks in making a decision to commit to an investment are as follows:

  • a clear and distinctive strategy in Africa and/or South Asia with a vision of business growth and development impact, especially job creation.
  • a strong management team (or investment team in the case of funds) with the skills that are well matched to their strategy.
  • an understanding of the systems and processes needed to implement high environmental and social standards and corporate governance, or the willingness to work with CDC to develop such systems.
  • prospective returns which are commensurate with the potential risk.

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