Business Integrity

understanding business integrity

CDC has a clearly-stated ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to money laundering, fraud, bribery, corruption and other associated practices. We know that the harmful effects of corrupt practices can damage our development goals. 

As a provider of patient capital to businesses in some of the world’s most challenging investment environments, corruption and other business integrity (BI) risks are inherent in our mission.

To manage and mitigate these risks, we ensure we have the right people and systems in place to assess and monitor how and where our capital is invested. We seek to work only with those who share our approach and are committed to supporting our partners.

We recognise that no matter how strong our systems and how skilled our team, the intrinsic difficulties of our markets and the hidden nature of corruption will occasionally result in problems. No system is perfect and where instances of corruption arise, we are committed to reviewing and strengthening procedures as necessary.

Helping develop business integrity standards in our markets has a clear developmental impact. It improves companies’ performance, helps them access further capital and reduces their investment risk.

Benefits to Business

  • Reduces hidden costs
  • Promotes competition and a level playing field
  • Builds trust and improves security of contracts
  • Removes the prosecution risks to individuals and corporation 

Benefits to Society

  • Strengthens institutions and the rule of law
  • Reduces costs of goods and services
  • Promotes equality, accountability and democracy