Our approach

Across our portfolio, we often see an evolution of capacity and commitment to environmental and social issues over time.This begins with a commitment to comply with local laws and advances to situations where environmental and social (ES) performance is seen as strategically important. Regardless of the appetite and experience of our investment partners, CDC aims to add value throughout the investment cycle.

Pre-investment value add

Before we make an investment, CDC’s responsible investing professioanls support our investment teams through initial screening and risk-rating of potential investments. We carry out extensive due diligence of potential investments, to assess compliance with national and international regulations and to ensure we invest in companies with a commitment to improve environmental and social standards as needed. We also develop corrective action plans to improve practices and agree opportunities to add value and raise standards.

Post-investment value add

Once CDC has committed capital to a fund or business, we work proactively with fund managers and portfolio companies to improve their approach to environmental, social and business integrity issues.

This includes introducing management systems, providing assistance and training for fund managers,providing support to investee companies through active engagement at board and environmental and social sub-committee levels, and ensuring continuous portfolio engagement and monitoring.

Toolkit for Fund Managers

CDC's industry leading and free-to-use ‘Toolkit for Fund Managers’ helps private equity investors manage environmental, social and business integrity issues to international standards.The toolkit has recently been upgraded and is now available as a web-enabled tool here