Code of Responsible Investing

Purpose of the Code

CDC applies its Code of Responsible Investing to all transactions and works with companies and funds to  implement the Code in a practical way that maximises E&S and BI impact while recognising that improvements in E&S and BI performance may take time. 

The Code is aligned with international good practices (including IFC’s Performance Standards and ILO Core Labour Conventions) and ensures that CDC looks at both the E&S and BI risks and opportunities that may be evident in a transaction.  Where standards fall short, or opportunities to improve E&S and BI performance are identified these are discussed with investee companies and defined in action plans. 

Approach and implementation

Our approach

The Code clarifies the roles and responsibilities of CDC and investee companies, and reflects E&S and BI requirements and opportunities across our debt, equity and funds business lines.

At the appraisal and monitoring stages of the investment cycle, CDC is actively involved in ensuring the Code is implemented.  CDC’s E&S and BI teams work closely with investment teams, fund managers and investee companies to ensure our requirements are understood and that companies receive appropriate support to make necessary improvements.

You can read more about the Code here