Report a breach of CDC's Code of Responsible Investing

If you have evidence of or believe that you have been negatively affected by a breach of CDC’s Code of Responsible Investing, please use our Complaints Form to let us know.

We will promptly investigate your complaint and seek a solution that addresses the complaint as quickly as possible. In cases where CDC’s capital is invested in a company through a fund manager, this will involve working with that fund manager to develop an appropriate solution within the legal framework applicable to that investment.

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We recognise that not all matters of concern to the public may arise from a breach of our Code of Responsible Investing and we therefore welcome whistle-blower reports drawing attention to failures of its own, a fund manager's or a portfolio company's systems or example of misconduct.

More information about how to introduce good systems that address whistleblowing is available in CDC’s Toolkit for Fund Managers.

CDC’s own Whistleblowers web page can be found here