Investment instruments

We provide capital in all its forms - equity, debt, mezzanine, guarantees – and we invest directly as well as through fund managers we believe are aligned with our aims. Our capital typically supports growth and expansion, which leads to job creation, unlike private equity in developed markets which is largely about value creation through leverage and cost efficiency.

We pursue four complementary investment strategies through four core teams, each under the leadership of a Managing Director, in order to meet a broad range of needs for capital across Africa and South Asia.

Funds Africa

Funds Asia

Equity Investments

Debt and Financial Institutions

There are two further facilities - the Impact Fund and the Impact Accelerator - which are both part of the Department for International Development's Impact Programme.

Non-eligible regions

Although we currently only invest in Africa and South Asia, under a previous investment policy agreed with its shareholder we invested across a broader range of geographies, including China, South East Asia and Latin America.  These are long term investments, made through carefully selected fund managers, and whilst no further capital will be committed to these now non-eligible regions, they will remain as a slowly decreasing proportion of the portfolio for a number of years to come and decisions to sell will be made consistent with maximising the financial return of each underlying investment.