Impact Fund

The Impact Fund invests in funds and other intermediaries, which invest in businesses in Africa and South Asia. The Impact Fund aims to achieve impact by:

  • Generating economic opportunity and providing access to quality goods and services for underserved groups (such as such as healthcare, education, energy, food and agriculture, housing and water & sanitation).
  • Building local business capacity in challenging markets.
  • Mobilising third party capital through its investments. 

The Impact Fund has a pool of technical assistance available from DFID to strengthen underlying portfolio businesses.

Examples of recent investments made by the Impact Fund include the Insitor Impact Asia Fund, which invests in companies providing essential goods and services in Myanmar, Pakistan, Cambodia and India. The Impact Fund has also invested in other funds providing essential goods and services such as the Medical Credit Fund which invests in healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa, and the Fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria which invests in agribusiness companies in Nigeria. Energy Access Ventures Fund, another investee of the Impact Fund, specialises in providing off-grid energy in rural areas of Africa. 

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