New Commitments

In 2012, CDC made commitments of £169.2m (2011: £188.4m).


 Investment Commitment
Actis Africa Real Estate 2 46.2
Diamond Bank* 26.9
Export Trading Group* 20.3
Ambit Pragma II 18.5
Investec Africa Credit Opportunities 18.5
Phatisa Pan African Housing 12.3
SGI Ethiopia I 9.2
Aavishkaar Goodwell Indai Microfinance 9.2
I&P Capital III 8.1
Total commitments in 2012 169.2

*Direct investments

CDC now has investments in 155 funds managed by 84 different fund managers, providing it with a portfolio of over 1,200 underlying companies that are diversified by vintage year, size, geography and industry sector. CDC’s highest sector exposures are 19% in Business Services and 18% in Financial Services. The top 20 investments represent 35% of the portfolio with the largest individual investment representing 7%. 

Underlying portfolio by sector