Our Investments

As a publicly-owned body, CDC is accountable to a wide range of stakeholders, including Parliament and the public. CDC therefore aims to provide accurate information to all its stakeholders and other interested parties about its activities and investments. 

On this page, visitors can search for information about investments that CDC has made directly, as well as investments made by investment funds to which CDC has provided capital. More information about the forms of capital provided by CDC is available here.

CDC is a signatory to IATI and publishes information to the IATI registry. In parallel, CDC also publishes information about its investments on this website, including a searchable database of all underlying investees on this page. This is updated annually, following the publication of CDC's Annual Report and Accounts. 

In the regions where we no longer commit capital (China, Southeast Asia and Latin America), the number of businesses we support is now falling, as our fund managers start to exit companies and reduce their portfolios. This trend will continue gradually over the next few years until our portfolio is solely focused on Africa and South Asia.