Making a lasting difference

Businesses with strong financial performance tend to have greater development impacts (IFC). So we strongly believe in being commercial in all we do. This is how our investments make a lasting difference.

We're flexible on the term of our investments. We care about ensuring that whatever benefit results from our involvement, it will endure for the long term and for future generations as well as this one. We can provide capital across a flexible time horizon. 

We do this through combining two key disciplines. We're commercial, helping businesses to become profitable and economically sound over the long term. And we are a responsible investor, helping businesses reduce risks and enhance their environmental, social and governance performance.

Profitable businesses are lasting businesses. Profits enable companies to invest in training, innovation and expansion, as well as ensuring that they can withstand shocks.

We back responsible businesses. The businesses that receive our capital must adhere to its Code of Responsible Investing, which stipulates environmental, social and governance standards that are often above those required by local law. Investing in difficult geographies means that standards sometimes fall short, but in these cases an action plan must be put in place to make the necessary improvements.

We maximise our long-term impact. By demonstrating to other investors and lenders that successful investments and loans can be made across Africa and South Asia, we believe that we attract more capital following our pioneering lead.  This capital in turn will provide a further boost to the private sector in these regions and create more badly needed jobs for the long term.