Corporate structure

We are a public limited company. Our only shareholder is the Department for International Development (DFID).

Our governance structure:

DFID has an arm’s-length governance model for its shareholding in CDC. This mirrors best practice in the private sector, and is tailored to the needs of a public limited company wholly owned by the UK Government. In practice, this means our day-to-day operations and investment decisions are independent of government.

DFID sets our Investment Policy including our Code of Responsible Investing, appoints our Chair and certain directors, and holds us accountable through regular reporting, including quarterly shareholder meetings. This model combines the main abilities of both our organisations to achieve the best outcomes, and ensures the right:

Accountability - We are solely responsible and accountable for our investment decisions, which leads us to employ the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Proficiency - Oversight of commercial investment decisions is delegated to a carefully selected Board with skills and experience matched to our key objectives. DFID is not involved in our investment decisions.

Independence - Partners and investee businesses arereassured that our investment decisions are based on commercial rigour and independent of political involvement.

Continuity and stability - We avoid short-term policy changes. We are a long-term investor who thinks in decades rather than years.

Financial regulation - By operating as a private company, we are better positioned to comply with the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules.

Our Board:

The non-executive directors on our Board are people with private sector expertise, knowledge of Africa and South Asia, and development experience. They each add to the skills of our executive team.

For more information about Board committees please click here.