Our partners

Our relationships with influential institutions in the worlds of investment, development and responsible business ensure that we are able to learn from and contribute to the important debate around sustainable development.

We work with a number of investors, institutions and other bodies working to foster economic growth in developing countries through the private sector. 

Fund managers

We provide debt and equity capital directly and through funds. Investing through intermediary funds remains a key part of what we do. It allows us to reach small and medium-sized businesses across the regions we invest in. 

A complete list of the fund managers we work with is available here and more detailed information about the funds in which CDC is invested is available here. This is also available for download from the Published Information page of this website.

Click for information about how we work with fund managers to improve environmental, social and business integrity standards.

Other Partners

We've established close working relationships with bilateral development finance institutions (DFIs) and multilateral investment organisations all over the world.

Bilateral DFIs

European Development Finance Institutions
EDFI is the association of 16 European bilateral development finance institutions, all dedicated to promoting the private sector in developing and transition economies.

Multilateral IFIs/DFIs

This network includes such organisations as:

The International Finance Corporation is the private investment arm of the World Bank Group and seeks to promote economic growth in the private sector in developing countries.

African Development Bank
The African Development Bank is a regional multilateral development bank, engaged in promoting the economic development and social progress of its regional members, individually and jointly.

Asian Development Bank
The Asian Development Bank is an international development finance institution whose mission is to help its developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people.

European Investment Bank 
The EIB is the European Union's bank. As the largest multilateral borrower and lender by volume, EIB provides finance and expertise for sound and sustainable investment projects which contribute to furthering EU policy objectives.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development fosters transition to market economies in countries from central and eastern Europe to central Asia and the southern and eastern Mediterranean.

Think tanks and industry bodies

African Venture Capital Association

British Venture Capital Association

Business Action for Africa

Chatham House

Emerging Markets Private Equity Association

Global Impact Investing Network

Global Off-Grid Lighting Association

Institutional Limited Partners Association

Overseas Development Institute

Royal African Society

UN Principles for Responsible Investment